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These Arrowhead water packs store easily and are rotated by natural usage.  The six packs shown will provide water for one person up to 31 days!  Be sure and recycle the bottles!

1 Arrowhead Case = 20 Liters or 5.28 Gallons

Enough water for one person for five days

​This step is so easy that it will leave you wondering why you did not do it before.  Buy enough Arrowhead Water Packs to place one on the closet floor of every person in the house.  One 40 pack (35 Shown) equals 20 liters or 5.28 gallons.    This is enough water to sustain everyone in your house for about five days!  A better choice would be store two water packs in each closet.  That gives you over ten days supply of water.  If the water flat is to heavy, they are available with less bottles.  It also allows you to share with your neighbors.  Rotate water packs every six months (on both daylight savings time weekends).  When it is time to rotate the water,  We simply add a new pack to the bottom of the stack and drink the one on top.....To easy not to store this basic necessity.  These water packs are available at Costco for less than $5.00.