Ready Foothills

Flushable / Portable

Good for short term needs.  Waste will require dumping in a functional toilet when full.

Modified Toilet

Add a heavy duty bag to your own toilet and you are ready to go!  Add kitty liter when you are done.  A good option, but keeps odors in the house

Popup Privacy Shelter

Good way to add privacy in the great outdoors!

Medical Chair

Much more comfortable than the "Luggable Lou" The chair requires the same items as the modified toilet. Good for all including seniors.

Often overlooked,  Sanitation and hygiene are essential to your disaster response.  Without it, you are asking for trouble with infection, disease, and serious gastro-intestinal problems.  

There are a variety of solutions and options to this problem that are easy to build, store, and use.  I have included photos and commentary on some of our favorites.

Baby Wipes

Use to clean hands and everything else!


Kitty Litter

An inexpensive must-have for most expedient toilets.  Cheap and in bulk.

 ​​Emergency Preparedness for Families and Neighborhoods

Biffy Bags

Perfect for car and 72 hour kits.  You tie this bag around your hips to do your business.  Completely self contained they have a gelling agent, wipes, and paper in the package.  Good odor control too!  

 Luggable Lou

Again, these relay on inserting a bag and adding kitty liter when you are done.  The clever lids are actually smaller than most toilets.  They also sit low. Switch to the seven gallon buckets for a higher seat. All items can be stored inside.

Surface Wipes

Use to clean and dissinfect surfaces

Nitrile Gloves

Recommended for use during and after all sanitary activities.  Best way to eliminate transfer of bacteria.