Close up of station shows plywood box adding robust mechanical enclosure for mounting and compartmentalization 

FLIP Kit and battery Box roll easily and are ready for rapid, expedient  setup  in austere environments


Soft coolers from REI provide padding, waterproof lining, and a durable heavy nylon shell.  

The expanded antenna mast slips into a custom mount made from HDPE plastic.  The panel is removed for clarity

HT Based Radio Go Kit

FLIP Kit showing some of the gear that is stowed inside

Deployed FLIP Kit with suspended Slim-Jim antenna.  A mag mount is also in the kit

Stowed in the case, this segmented antenna mast will expand to 8' and mount the Comet SG-7500 on top. Bungee cord tensions the mast

KE6YGF's Portable Antennas  (1)  Slim Jim roll up J-pole suspended from a 20' fiberglass "Crappie" fishing pole.  (2) Diamond D130J Discone. (3) Arrow 146-4 ll 2M Yagi.  (4) Diamond X50A 2M/440 Vertical.  (5) PA Speaker mounted atop Aluminum Mast.


Portable Emcomm Station fits completely in an REI Camp Kitchen.  Radio, Antenna, Battery, First Aid, Food, Water, Clothing, and Hygiene  Kit.  Complete setup for several days of emergency operation.  Currently configured for 2M / 440 operation

Rapidly Deployable Antennas and Mast 

With one panel removed, you can see the radio and power supply mounted on the panel in an inverted fashion. Custom aluminum rails support panels

33Ah AGM Battery fits neatly in Pelican Storm series iM2100 case with NOCO G3500 charger and Anderson Powerpole cables.  Polyethylene foam keeps thing secure....UPDATE: A second battery box was built featuring a Bioenno 30 AH LiFePo battery.  Shaved 10lbs off the weight!

The Kenwood TM-V71A radio is well protected inside the cooler. Log book slips under the removable shelf.  Smaller cooler holds a 28Ah SLA battery

Camp Kitchen Emcomm Station by KE6YGF  

EMCOMM Kit made in REI Camp Kitchen


After the panel is flipped, the radio can be seen facing in the forward operation position.  The other panel has been reinstalled

FLIP Kit is opened to reveal 2 flat panels held in by thumb screws.  The case is a Pelican Storm series im2500

Deployed FLIP Kit with antenna mounted atop the mast

The panel is symmetrical and can be rotated to face the side operating position.  Such as on a car seat

Tactical Messenger Bag Go-Kit.  Yaesu FT-60 Radio fits neatly inside the 5.11 Radio Case.  Case is molle compatible and attaches firmly to the Maxpedition Mongo Versipack.  Speaker/mic routes over the shoulder strap.  Perfect for those tilt-head communications. 

Tactical Messenger Bag by KE6YGF

"Crappie Pole" Collapsible fishing pole is supported by slipping it over a piece of EMT conduit hammered into the ground. Very fast and sturdy

"Cool" Emcomm Station by KE6YGF  

EMCOMM Kit made in REI Soft Coolers

Antenna Mast  Are constructed using Marshalltown PB72 concrete float poles.  The aluminum poles and antennas fit neatly inside drain tubes with threaded end caps.


The panel with the Kenwood TM-V71A radio and the Samlex SEC 1223 power supply can be completely removed from the case and sit on a table


Ready Foothills


 ​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

Yagi  is mounted to a fiberglass pole from an extendable painting pole.  It fits perfectly inside the aluminum concrete float poles.

​"FLIP" Kit Emcomm Station by KE6YGF  

"FLIP" is a acronym for "Functional Layout Inversion Panel"