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Don't Forget your Dog's Vaccination Record

Animals can get many of the same injuries people do. Lacerations from broken glass, hit by falling objects, etc. Make sure you have a pet first aid kit that would be appropriate for you animal. Here are just a few ideas.  Antibiotic ointment and a shaving safety razor. Benadryl or other sedative to help your animal settle down. Tweezers to remove glass shards and a magnifying glass.  Don't forget your pets vaccination record!

Pet Kits may include the following:

Most of you already consider your animal as one of the family.  Yet we don't always prepare for their needs in a disaster.  Like you, they will need food and water.  Like you they may need medical care.  And like you they will need shelter.  When a disaster forces you to leave your home, take your animals.  Leaving them behind can subject them to a variety of dangers, including fatal ones.  Trapped and escaping pets cause additional problems for first responders.   Fortunately, most care items for animal are small and lightweight. This however does not hold true for large animals like horses.  Your plan and kit will need to address these differences.  Your should be particularly concerned that most shelters do not accept pets / animals.



Most Shelters do not accept Pets. Crates are recommended

Pets often require significant care after unsettling Disasters

3 days Food

3 days Water

Food and water bowls

First aid kit

Vaccination Records


Harness and leash

Waste Bags

Registration Information

A Picture of you with your pet


Toy or comfort item

Sweater and/or blanket

List of area boardings

​Friends or family that can house your pet

Pet wipes

Muzzle for aggressive animals