​​​So why should Neighbors work together on disaster preparedness?  Let's take a moment and consider some of the compelling reasons.  First, according to the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management,  70% of rescues during disasters are made by neighbors...not first responders!  A very cursory study indicated the ratio of citizens to first responders is roughly 1,000 to 1.  Not good odds in a disaster.  The task is simply to large for well meaning responders to support.   Secondly, you are a single-point failure.  No matter how prepared you are, if you are injured, you are done without your neighbor's assistance.  You may not be home and need your neighbors to tend to your children, pets, or turn off damaged utilities.  Third, every person that prepares save not only his family, but allows first responders to save another family.  The number of people saved grows exponentially as more neighbors prepare.  Fourth, it is difficult to stand by and watch your fellow neighbors suffer.  Don't put your self in a position to experience such a tragic occurrence.  Fifth, it is just a fact that large groups are more able to provide for their security than individuals.

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Ready Foothills

What is Neighbors Helping Neighbors?   Fundamentally, it is an opportunity to make your neighborhood more resilient to disasters.  By doing so you also strengthen your own survival chain.  The program is broken down into some very easy steps that are readily achievable (See monthly preparedness links below).  It all starts with an informal meeting with your neighbors.  Below are some suggested steps to this first neighborhood meeting.

  •  Contact the people at Ready Foothills and schedule the presentation or you may present the topic presonally
  •  Invite your neighbors over for a short presentation about neighborhood disaster preparedness at your home
  • Meeting Outline:
  •  Welcome your guest
  •  Have everyone introduce themselves and share where they live
  •  Discuss why disaster preparedness is important for your neighborhood
  •  Demonstrate Bed Side Bag and give out the drawstring bags to your neighbors
  •   Collect email and cell phone numbers and promise to email everyone this confidential list.  The information is not to be used for any other purpose...PERIOD
  •  Email your neighbors once a month with the link to the monthly preparedness concept on the readyfoothills.com website.  The links are listed below
  • Hand out the cookies!   Agree to meet in six month's​

 ​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

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