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Neighbor Kit Sample Items


The "Neighbor Kit" has a few basic items that may help your neighbors should they be left without basic infrastructure support such as lack of electrical power, water, and gas.  Obviously this kit is only designed to fill a short term gap before more substantial resources can be marshaled.  Thus it is still import for all of your neighbors to be working on their individual preparedness with an disposition toward helping others.  All part of developing that "social capital"

The kit shown has water, several N95 respirator mask, Eveready EVCAL41BP portable lantern, body wash, hand sanitizer, snack bars, kleenex, hand towels, and baby wipes.  You will most likely have different and additional items in your kits.

In an Emergency you can give these

Kits to you Neighbors

You might think it odd that in your preparedness you make a kit for someone else.   Stick with me for a moment and consider the following rational. 

It is critical for neighbors to band together in disasters.  This form of "social capital" is characteristic of successful responses.  In the case of the "Neighbor Kit" it demonstrates that you are thinking about your neighbors as part of your response plan.  And more than just thinking, you may be their "First Responder"...understanding that they may be yours!  In a disaster, give this to your neighbor.  It provides some basic hygiene, food, and support for a short period of time.  It definitely sends the message that their welfare is important to you, and your in this together!