Gasoline and Diesel.  Storing Gasoline requires specific care as it is highly flammable and even explosive in the right situations.  It also tends to breakdown in a variety of ways over time.  Let's start with gasoline.  Long term storage is best in appropriate metal containers. Store them outside and away from structures and ignition sources. Protect them from the elements in a vented housing.  Use Sta-bil fuel stabilizer ( red for gas without ethanol, Blue-Marine 360 for gas with ethanol ).  I have stored gas as long as a year, but six months is a better rotation.  Diesel fuel should also have a diesel stabilizer that keeps algae and other biologics from growing in the tank.  To rotate fuels, add 5 gallons of the stored fuel to your car.  Make sure the car has at least a 1/2 full fuel tank first. Check with your local fire department for suggestions including maximum storage size.  May we suggest your think about how you will use your vehicles and generator in a disaster and store the minimum necessary amount.

Propane Tank and Camp Stove... A winning combination

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Fuels should be stored in appropriate safety containers - Outside!

Propane.  Propane is the best choice for a variety of reasons.  We recommend this is what you store (outside and away from ignition sources) First, it comes in a wide variety container sizes that can fit any requirement.  Next, propane is readily available and stores indefinitely.  The containers do need to be inspected and re-certified twelve years after manufacture date. Propane can run indoor heaters, converted generators, camp stoves, Bar-B-Q's, and lanterns.  Truly a multi-purpose fuel! The five gallon (twenty pound) BBQ tanks store easily and cost around $25 new.

Other Fuels.  From split wood to buffalo chips....this is a broad topic.  To make it simple, I am going to suggest just one. I have found the iso-butane canisters to be functional, lightweight and portable.  Easy to store and portable.   Especially if you plan on just boiling water for dehydrated meals.  I have used these extensively on backpacking trips and have them in my bug-out-bags.

Iso-Butane,  a  good  option !

Ready Foothills

Propane comes in a variety of tank sizes