​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

Trauma Shears

Self-adherant wraps

Nytril Gloves

N95 Respirator


Steri Strips

​Sam Splint

​Coban Wraps

4x4 Gauze Dressings and non-adherant dressings

6x6 Gauze Dressings

Provodine Wipes

Hydrocortizone Creme


Sterile Saline Water

CPR Shield

Remember...This is just for basic trauma that a person is likely to encounter in an accident, or injury related to a disaster.  It is not inclusive or extensive.  Add items consistent with your views and skill set.

Bag unfolds to reveal organized compartments for easy access

First Aid represents a large spectrum of medical response.  From the humble bandaid to large dressings and airway management.  It is not possible to store supplies for every medical need, so you need to focus on the likely injuries one may sustain in your situation.  At Ready Foothills we typically think of our first aid kits as a progressive system.  Or in other words a "Survival Chain".  Each link giving you access to more capable and in-depth response.  For example:  In my home I have a small kit for everyday injuries.  This kit includes a variety of bandaids, antiseptics, and tapes.  Next, I have a kit such as the one featured in the picture to the right in my car.  It has items that may be more consistent with car accidents.  Such as personal protective gear,  4 x 4 and 6 x 6 gauze pads.  Basic splinting and immobilization.  Tapes and Coban shelf adherent wraps.

This First Aid Bag is Available from Voodoo Tactical

Make sure all items are within your skill set

Contents for a basic First Aid Kit


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