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Various Every Day Carry (EDC) Items

       In the above picture you can see one example of some items you might carry.  The key chain has a Streamlight nano flashlight and CPR face shield attached to the ring.  The Wells-Lamont gloves are flat and will allow you to negotiate debris and broken glass.  Additionally, the gloves offer some protection in animal encounters.  The N95 face mask folds flat and will protect sensitive lungs from airborne dust and particulates.  A pocket knife and whistle provide utility and signaling capability.  The cell phone may provide limited text messaging in a disaster.  What might you carry with you everyday?

     Every Day Carry has come to mean different things to different people.  In a broad sense it is those items that you always have on your person or at the ready.  The items in this concept can be stored in a wide variety of locations such as your pockets, purse, digital device case, day pack, or messenger bag.  What you carry is a reflection of how you view your skills and abilities to deal with the initial aftermath of a disaster.  For example:  You may be at work, in the store, or at church.