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There are many different clubs that sponsor licensing classes throughout the year.  You can search the web for information about local clubs.  The Glendora Emergency Response Communications ( GERC ) holds annual classes.  In the previous  class, 24 people of all ages attended and most did well on their test. If you would like more information email:  

When  is  the  next  Licensing  Class?

No matter if you are 8 or 80, you can get an amateur radio license.  Usually the instruction portion takes about a day.  Follow that up with some on-line practice quizs and you will be ready to take the licensing test.  It is just 35 multiple choice questions, and you can get up to 9 wrong and still pass!  Classes typically charge a minimum amount just to cover materials.

Is it hard to get my License?

History is indeed a teacher.  Our recent history in the United States and indeed the World has shown just how fragile our communications infrastructure can be.  Land lines, cell phones, email and internet systems, and even satellite phones can overload and fail when you need them most.

In an urban environment FRS or "Family Radio" has a limited range.  Unfortunately, clever marketeers often state their radios will work "5 miles, or 10 miles" If you are on one mountaintop, and your family another, this may be true.  In an urban environment expect more like 2 or 3 blocks.

Amateur radio, also known as "Ham" radio does not depend on fragile infrastructure.  You can keep in touch with your friends and family and insure you have the latest information...Critical in making decisions in disasters.

​When all else fails...Amateur Radio Works!