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An improvised "Rocket Stove" that is made out of Cinder Blocks and burns small wood pieces



Cooking in disasters often requires some innovation.  If your natural gas line is still on, check carefully for gas leaks before using it.  If the power to your range hood is out, open a nearby window for ventilation, I would recommend a propane camp stove or single burner.  Even though propane is clean burning and some products are designed for indoors use, be cautious.  As propane burns it still consumes oxygen and often produces carbon monoxide if incorrectly adjusted.   As such, insure proper ventilation by opening a window, or better yet...cook outdoors!   The 5 gallon external propane tanks are a great fuel solution, and need to be stored and used outside.

Backpacking stoves are small, efficient, and excel in austere environments.  We are talking about the Iso/Butane canister versions and not white gas or other liquid fuel versions.     While many do simmer well, they are adept water boilers as they can boil 1 liter of water in as little as three minutes.  I use these in my bug-out-bags (72 hour kits).

A Propane Camp Stove and external tank

is a good choice

Single Cannister Propane Stoves are

small and store well

Iso / Butane Fuel Backpacking Stoves are Lightweight and perfect for a Bug-Out-Bag