Ready Foothills

 ​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

The Car Kit - lightweight and portable

Notice anything missing?  How about some basic food and snacks?  Daily medications.  Maybe some "Biffy Bag" sanitation pouches.  Sun block, bug repellent, personal wipes, Ham radio, gloves?  Add what preparedness concepts you have worked out in your mind.  Additional recognize this is for one person.  You would want to modify this bag (or split into multiple bags) for children, babies, etc.

The Car Kit provides 24 hour support

home, do I know how to get there?  Do I look like the guy with all the resources by wearing a suit and carrying a bright red backpack?  Can I see potential dangers ahead and avoid that area?  What if I have to stay overnight?  Is a police station a good place to camp near?  Water, food, medical supplies, clothing, the list can be extensive.  To get started, view the items pictured below and think of their utility.

- Concept -

Today's society is highly mobile spending a large amount of every day in or near an automobile.  Driving to work, school, friends, or recreation, it all adds up.  For many people this means hours of every day is in your car.  It just make sense to have items in your vehicle that would extend your comfort and survival after an incident.  That incident may be a stalled car, a remote accident, and other natural or man-made disasters.  In the case of a person who drives some distance to are some points to consider.  Should a disaster such as an earthquake  damage major roadways, how are you going to get home?  You and tens of thousands of others may be pondering the same question.  If I am walking