Ready Foothills

 ​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

Inexpensive, quick, and easy to assemble, your Bedside Bag

Recommended contents of the Bedside Bag include the following:

Battery Powered Flashlight (No Cranks!)

Leather Gloves

Sturdy Shoes

Dust Mask



The crowbar can help you free jammed doors and clear glass from window frames.  Additionally, use it to move heavy objects that have fallen.

Bedside Bag tied next to headboard.  You can also slip it under the bed

Many different drawstring bags are available

You remember your training...Drop, Cover, Hold on!   You have wisely fought the urge to run knowing most earthquake related injuries are the result of falling while trying to run, being lacerated by broken glass, and being struck by objects falling from the OUTSIDE of homes and buildings.  After the shaking has stopped you know where to go...Your Bedside Bag!  It will always remained tied to the headboard.  Without giving it a second thought you turn on the light, put on the goggles and dust mask, tie on your shoes, put on your gloves, put the whistle around your neck, and grab the crowbar.  You are now ready to gather your family and gear and safely exit without fear of injuries.  Very inexpensive and quick to assemble....GET REAL....GET READY!

This is a great place to start.  Fast, easy, and you most likely have many of the items.  The concept is "After a disaster, safely leave your house without becoming trapped or injured."  The Bedside Bag helps me negotiate hazards that often follow disasters such as earthquake and fire. is 3:31am and you are awaken by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake on the Cucamonga Fault.  Intense shaking has broken glass windows and doors.  Bookshelves have tumbled.  China and other glassware have crashed to the floors.  Lamps and some ceiling fixtures lie in piles.  It is completely dark with only the horrific sounds of glass breaking and plaster cracking.