22 - 1/2 liter water bottles (approx. 3 gallons)


2,000 -3,000 Calories / Day

Include comfort food and snacks 

My kit has dehydrated and packaged food

Cooking / Mess Kit

Backpack Stove W/Pot

2 8oz Isopro fuel canisters


Plastic cup with marked volume fill lines

Sierra cup

REI Storm matches

Small can opener

Campsuds soap (also use as body wash)

3  One gallon ziplocks for trash

First Aid / Medicines / Essentials

First Aid kit for minor cuts, sprains, lacerations, and discomforts.  Also addresses bleeding control, and fractures.

Comfort medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Benedryl, Imodium, Tums, Cortisone Creme, Ambisol, and Excedrin.  Additional personal medications. Small Plastic Mirror.

USB Flash drive with password protected copies of all important personal and Household documents.   A video of house contents is included on the USB drive.

$200 Cash in $5.00 bills.


Rain Poncho

2 person tent

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad



Three sets of under garmets

Two shirts

One Fleece Hoodie (fleece, not cotton)

Sanitation and Hygiene 

Three "Biffy Bags" and body wipes

Micro Fiber Backpackers Camp Towel

Toothbrush and Paste

Comb or Brush

Communications & Misc.

Automotive Cell Phone Charger

Headlamp and extra Batteries

AM/FM/Weather Transistor Radio + Batts (no cranks!)

Ham Radio Handie Talkie in separate Go-Kit

Deck of Cards

Simple games

Paperback book

Paper notepad and pen

Sample Bug Out Bag Kit List

 Dora's magic backpack provides for her needs

We don't need to question motives, but we should consider and plan what we realistically need in our urban environment.  Water, food, medicine, medical care, shelter, clothing, communications, and sanitation.  You may have a different concept.  However, when you look at these...be realistic.  I would urge you to start making your own list for your Bug Out Bag, and then reference the below list.

The widest variety of gear and philosophies are found in 72 hour kits (Bug Out Bags).  Many provide little of what you need.  The Mayo Clinic indicates you should intake 13 cups of water every day (about 25% of that may come from you food).  Additionally, an inactive 40 yr-old requires about 2,300 calories per day.  Most kits fall short.  Others assume you will be isolated in a wilderness with abundant resources.  Still others have a more apocalyptic load out. 


Ready Foothills

 ​​​​Emergency Preparedness Resource for Individuals, Families, and Neighborhoods

No Magic Here!

72 Hour Kit Basics in a Plastic Tub

72 Hour Kit using Backpacks

Duffle in Closet with Water

Duffle opened showing contents

72 Hour Kit in a Rolling Duffle

72 Hour Kit in a Construction Duffle