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Why  You Should Join your CERT Team

Car Kits

Emergency Radio Communications Go Kits and Ideas

During a disaster is not the time to organize your communication gear.  Click the below link and see a variety of radio go kits, portable EMCOMM (Emergency Communications) stations, and portable antennas.  See what fits your needs!

All information on this website is considered to be educational and opinion.   It is offered for free and without any liability for it's use.  Disasters may require additional or different information than provided on the readyfoothills website.   Consider information from other sources such as health and safety professionals before you make  independent decisions regarding you and your families health and safety .

​Amateur ( HAM ) Radio

Is my spouse okay?  Where are my kids?  What's going on?  In a disaster, Information could quite possibly be the most valuable resource.  Yet our modern wireless and wired communications have either failed, become overloaded, or been deliberately limited in disasters.  So what system will work for me and my family without fail?  

"Before a disaster, men and women will make a choice.  They will choose to be victims of the disaster or victors over the disaster.

One choice requires no action whatsoever and ends in despair.  The other requires preparatory action but results in safety, refuge and peace of mind."

E. Tal Ehlers, MEP - Uintah County Emergency Manager

Easy way to Store Water


​Five Basic Steps to Prepare yourself and 


Bedside  Kits

Fuel Storage




Family Emergency Plan


Two  Weeks of Food you Eat

Emergency Communications, Amateur ( HAM ) Radio,

Portable Emergency Radio Stations, Radio Go Kits, & EMCOMM Stations



Community Emergency

Medications & First Aid Kit

Utilities Shut-Off

Ready Foothills



Did you know that 70% of all disaster rescues are performed by neighbors, not first responders!  And in a typical city the ratio of citizens to first responders is approximately 1,000 to 1.  

Water  Storage

 ​​Emergency Preparedness for Families and Neighborhoods

You get the and your neighbors need to organize and augment first responders during disasters.  That is where CERT Teams come in.  They are made up of people of all ages and capabilities.  They do the most good for the most number of people and make a difference.   Get trained as a (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team member and help your family, neighbors, and community!  In Glendora contact the Glendora Police Dept. - CSO J. Linger at (626)914-8289 or contact your city and ask how you can join CERT! 

 Lamorinda CERT

3 Weeks Food


Bedside Emergency Bag



those you care about for Emergencies




Response Teams ( CERT )

 and Best Practices

Lamorinda CERT 

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More Advanced Yearly Preparedness Plan