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Five easy preparedness steps that will help protect you, your neighbors, and those you love during a disaster.   The best part is you already have much of what you need right at home!

This is a great place to start with your friends and neighbors.

First Aid Kits

"Before a disaster, men and women will make a choice.  They will choose to be victims of the disaster or victors over the disaster.​​

One choice requires no action whatsoever and ends in despair.  The other requires preparatory action but results in safety, refuge and peace of mind."

E. Tal Ehlers - Uintah County Emergency Manager


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Car Kits

12 Month Plan

Let's Get

Started Here!


Preparing with Pets

WHAT IS YOUR COMM PLAN?During a disaster is not the time to organize your communication gear.  Click the below link and see a variety of radio go kits, portable EMCOMM (Emergency Communications) stations, and portable antennas.  See what fits your needs!

All information on this website is considered to be educational and opinion.   It is offered for free and without any liability for it's use.  Disasters may require additional or different information than provided on the readyfoothills website.   Consider information from other sources such as health and safety professionals before you make  independent decisions regarding you and your families health and safety .

​​MAKING GOOD DECISIONS during the uncertainties that disasters bring is difficult at best.  You and your family will do much better if you have simple written protocols that you have practiced and follow.  In many ways your Family Emergency Response Plans will determine how you proceed on all your preparedness efforts.


Bedside Emergency Bags


Water Storage


​Did you know that 70% of all disaster rescues are performed by neighbors, not first responders!  In a typical city the actual ratio of citizens to first responders can be in excess of 1,000 to 1.

Do you part to prepare yourself, your family,  and neighborhood.   The little investment you do now can yield huge dividends in disaster situations.

Fuel Storage

Cooking in Emergencies

CERT Training

Your Survival Chain

Family Communications

Emergency Response​ Plans

I HAVE TO LEAVE! Gathering essential items can be overwhelming.  Especially when you may have just a few minutes.  Plan ahead so you and your family members can egress confidently.  Even if you don't leave your home these kits can provide much needed support.

Every-Day Carry

Preparedness does

not come in a Box​!


Best Practices

72 Hour Kits



Emergency Radio Communications


Turning off

your Utilities

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